Caterina Arzenton: Dance Training

This is a teaching series by Caterina Arzenton, who uses a Japanese Professional couple as a guinea pig to teach her principles of dancing. Caterina will show you how she develops and improves couple's dancing by improving their bad habits. She also shows how to teach dancing to your students, if you are a teacher.

Each DVD (Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep) shows the following topics:
  1. The couple's dance before Caterina's lesson
  2. Adjudicator's point of view
  3. Points to be improved
  4. Posture
  5. Lead and Follow
  6. Change of Body Contact
  7. Rotation and Shape
  8. The couple's dancing after the lesson
  • Tango DVD also has Leg action as a topic,
  • Quickstep DVD also contains Viennese Waltz.
Duration: Waltz 71 min, Tango 64 min, Slow Foxtrot 64 min, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz 81 min

Waltz £29.95

Tango £29.95

Foxtrot £29.95

Quickstep and Viennese Waltz £29.95

Buy the whole set of 4 DVDs and save £30.00

Caterina Arzenton - Dance Dojo (Dance Training) Set of 4 DVDs £89.95

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