Simon and Heidi Cruwys
Discover Dance Series 2 Combinations - Rumba

Demonstrated by Simon and Heidi Cruwys, former UK Professional Ballroom Champions.

If you liked Discover Dance Ballroom or Discover Dance Latin, you will like Series 2: Discover Dance Combinations even more. There are 6 DVDs in this series that will take you from absolute beginners level to the Bronze medal level.

Simon and Heidi will demonstrate each step individually and as a couple. In the same manner they will demonstrate each combination for you. A brief introduction to each dance explains the principles of how to listen to the music and how to stand with your partner. At the end Simon and Heidi dance a professional Rumba demonstration in costumes.

Combination 1:

Closed basic movement - Fan - Alemana turn - Hand to hand - Spot turn

Combination 2:

Closed basic movement - Side step - Cuban rock - New York - Underarm turn - Side step

Combination 3:

Closed basic movement - Natural top - Opening out - Spiral turn

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