Victor Veyrasset and Heather Smith
Picture lines Vol. I and II

This set of 2 DVDs as an excellent indepth study of how to create amazing, beautifully finished picture lines. Victor and Heather will not only demonstrate how they do it, explain the technique, they will also give you insider's knowledge and their hints how to stand out from the crowd.

Picture lines Vol. I
  • Oversway
  • Throwaway
  • Switch
  • Left Whisk
  • Hinge
  • Natural Hinge
  • Opposite Leg Throwaway
  • Left Whisk with Left Sway
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Spanish Drag
Running time 100 min.

Picture lines Vol. II - SOLD OUT
  • Contra Check
  • Right Side Switch
  • Challenge Line
  • Hover Corté
  • Natural Corté
  • Same Foot Lunge
  • Developé & Kick in Promenade Position
  • Developé & Kick in Closed Position
  • Natural Corté with Developé & Kick
  • Right Lunge
Running time 86 min.

Picture lines Vol. I Price £29.95 Ref: DISVV95

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