Max Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko
International style Latin variations

Variations are new, innovative ways of dancing old steps from the book or a different way of grouping or mixing steps.

In our opinion Max and Yulia's variations are an excellent way of adding new life to the old basic figures. Will please any purist and those who favour more adventurous approach as well.

Before purchasing a variation tape, we strongly suggest that you have a firm understanding of the steps and terminology through that level. These videos contain advanced patterns, enhanced with additional elements, intended to help you take your dancing to a new level, and are excellent for social dancing as well as showcase and competition routines. These variation videos will not review the basic patterns since it is assumed that they are already known.

Cha cha
1) New Yorker
a) Lady Underarm Turn
b) Check with Free Spins
c) Lady's Lock with Man's Press Line
2) Spot Turns to the Left & Right
3) Shoulder to Shoulder
4) Hand to Hand
5) Three Cha Cha Chas
a) Underarm Turn to Right and Free Spins
b) Hook and Spiral to the Right
c) Side by Side Chassés and Spirals
6) Time Step
7) Cross Basic
8) Fan
9) Alemana
a) Overhead Wrap
b) Syncopations in Place
10) Hockey Stick
a) Hook & Turn
b) Lady's Solo Turn
11) Natural Top
12) Open Hip Twist
a) Lady's ˝ Turn & Check
b) Man's Behind the Back Hand Change
13) Spiral
a) Change of Direction
b) Lady's Underarm Turn
14) Rope Spin
15) Advanced Hip Twist
16) Cuban Rocks
Dance Demonstration

Running time 133 min.

Price £29.95 excl. VAT Ref: DISMK219

1. Cucarachas
a) Diagonally Forward
b) Circular
2. Opening Out to Right & Left
3. New Yorker
a) Hand Shake Hold
b) Man's Rocks in Place
4. Spot Turns
a) Continuous Connection
b) Lady's Underarm Turn
5. Shoulder to Shoulder
6. Hand to Hand
7. Progressive Walks
8. Side Steps
a) Promenade Position
b) Tandem Position
c) Progressive with Swivel
9. Alemana
a) ˝ Reverse Turn
b) with Man's ˝ Turn
10. Hockey Stick
11. Natural Top
a) Sweetheart Position
b) Lady's Hip Swivels
12. Open Hip Twist
a) Man's Turn to Left
b) Lady's Spin to Right
13. Curl
14. Spiral
15. Rope Spin
16. Continuous Hip Twist
a) Lady's Slow Swivels
b) Lady's Turn to Left
17. Three Alemanas

Running time 111 min.

Price £29.95 excl. VAT Ref: DISMK220

1. Samba Whisks to Left and Right
a) Shadow Position
b) Opening Out
c) Underarm Turns
2. Promenade Samba Walks
a) Hand Release
b) Sweetheart Position with Lady's Turns to Right & Left
3. Side Samba Walks
a) Hand Release
b) Lady Closing Feet
4. Stationary Samba Walks
a) Circular
b) Change of Hands
5. Traveling Bota Fogos
6. Shadow Bota Fogos
7. Bota Fogos to Promenade Position and Counter Promenade Position
a) Double Hand Hold
b) Hands on Shoulders
8. Criss Cross Voltas
9. Solo Spot Voltas
10. Shadow Traveling Voltas
11. Reverse Turn
a) Lady's Left Turn on 2nd Half
b) Lady's Right Turn on 1st Half
12. Corta Jaca
13. Closed Rocks
14. Back Rocks
15. Plait
16. Rolling Off the Arm
17. Natural Roll
a) Side Chassé
b) Shadow Position
18. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
a) Double Hand Hold
b) Lady's Turn to Left
19. Samba Locks
a) Man's & Lady's 3 Step Turns
b) Change of Sides
20. Cruzado Walks and Locks
21. Argentine Crosses
Dance Demonstration

Running time 129 min.

Price £29.95 excl. VAT Ref: DISMK221

1. Fallaway Rock
a) Lady's Underarm Turn to Left
b) Lady's Free Spin to Right
2. Fallaway Throwaway
a) Hand Shake Hold with Running Chassé
b) Lady's Free Spin to Left
3. Change of Places Right to Left
a) Lady's Free Spin to Left
b) Lady's 2 Step Underarm Turn to Right
4. Change of Places Left to Right
5. Change of Hands Behind the Back
a) Man's & Lady's 2 Step Turns
b) Lady's Underarm Turn to Right
6. Hip Bump
a) Man's & Lady's Solo Spot Turns
b) Toe Heel
7. American Spin
a) Man's Side Rocks with Lady's Spins
b) Change of Direction
8. The Walks
a) Hesitation, Flicks and Bounce
b) Circular
9. Stop and Go
a) Man Crossing in Front
b) Man's Hesitation
c) Man's Overhead Wrap
10. The Whip
a) Lady's Spins
b) Man's and Lady's Underarm Turns
11. Whip Throwaway
12. Reverse Whip
13. Windmill
14. Spanish Arms
15. Rolling Off the Arm
16. Simple Spin
17. Miami Special
18. Toe Heel Swivels
19. Chicken Walks
a) Points
b) Rotation Outside Partner
Dance Demonstration

Running time 109 min.

Price £29.95 excl.VAT Ref: DISMK222

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