George Garcia & Christy Cote
Argentine Tango DVIDA: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinium level syllabus

These are in our opinion the best DVDs if you want to learn the full Argentine Tango syllabus at Beginners to Advanced level. George Garcia and Christy Cote are both DVIDA National Examiners in Argentine Tango. They have been instructors, performers and choreographers for more than 25 years. Christy Cote is also the Creator and Director of the Academia de Tango Argentino at San Francisco.

This series of videos/DVDs take you step by step through a broad spectrum of figures incorporating all the major elements of the dance such as Ochos, Molinetes, Boleos, Ganchos, Barridas, Paradas, Media Vuelta, Cadena, Calecita, Carpa, Vocadas, Colgadas and many types of Sacadas. The method includes splicing these figures together in an improvisational format to create a new dance every time you step onto the dance floor.

Christy and Georgeís teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. The instruction is completely in English and is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson, making it clear and easy to comprehend.

All figures on this videos/DVDs are demonstrated as the Leader, as the Follower and together. The stage is large enough to show complete patterns. The camera work does not focus primarily on the dancers feet. This provides an opportunity to see the upper body leading and following which is missing from many other tango instructions and is actually the most important aspect.

This collection is highly recommended for dancers taking up authentic Argentine Tango, as well as for experienced tango dancers as a refresher course.

Argentine Tango DVIDA Bronze syllabus

Introduction to Parallel System Basic
Introduction to Cross System Basic
Introduction to Embrace
Introduction to Timing
1. Progressive Basic
2. Cadencia
3. Cadencia/Left Turn
4. Ocho Cortado
5. Cadencia/Right Turn with Ocho Cortado
Demonstration of Figures 1 - 5
6A. Forward Ochos in Cross System
6B. Forward Ochos in Parallel System
7. Back Ochos
8. Molinete Right
9. Molinete Left
10. Forward Ochos with Sacadas
Demonstration of Figures 6 - 10
11. Back Ochos & Walking in Left Outside Partner
12. Media Vuelta to Walking & Turning
13. Parada to Forward Cross Step
14. Parada to Back Cross Step
15. Molinete Right with Gancho & Sacada
Demonstration of Figures 11 - 15

Running time: 2hr 16 min. NTSC Format, All Regions.

Argentine Tango DVIDA Bronze syllabus - Price £29.95 Ref: DV-DATCC339 - SOLD OUT

Argentine Tango DVIDA Silver syllabus

Introduction to Music
16. Molinete Right with Lapiz & Parada
17. Revolving Forward Ochos
18. Back & Forward Boleos
Demonstration of Figures 16 - 18
19. Cross System Cadencias
20. Double Right Turn
21. Cadencia/Right Turn with Sacada to Deep Back Cross
Demonstration of Figures 19 - 21
22. Media Vuelta & Barrida
23. Molinete Right with Sacadas & Molinete Left with Ronde
24. Molinete Left with Sacadas & Molinete Right with Ocho Cortado Variation
Demonstration of Figures 22 - 24
25. Balanceo & Left Turn Combination for Vals
26. Molinete Left with Ronde & Molinete Right with Corrida for Vals
27. Corrida & Back Ocho with Hesitation for Vals
Demonstration of Figures 25 - 27
28. Tijera, Tomada / Enganche & Barrida
29. Back Sacada, Barrida & Colgada
30. Back & Forward Boleos & Zarandeo to Forward Volcada
Demonstration of Figures 28 - 30

Running time: 1hr 52 min. NTSC Format, All Regions.

Argentine Tango DVIDA Silver syllabus - Ref: DV-DATCC340 - SOLD OUT

Argentine Tango DVIDA Gold syllabus

Introduction to Music
31. Cadencia to Enganche & Planeo to Barrida
32. Planeo, Cadenas & Tomada
33. Molinete with Enrosque/ Lapiz / Parada & Americana to Enganche
Demonstration of Figures 31 - 33
34. Rhythmic Cross Steps & Boleos
35. Back Ochos with Leaderís Play & Back Boleo
36. Linear & Circular Corridas
Demonstration of Figures 34 - 36
37. Molinete Right with Sacadas / Enganche & Calesita
38. Forward Volcada & Colgada
39. Walking Boleos & Molinete Left with Double La'piz
Demonstration of Figures 37 - 39
40. Molinete & Boleo Combination for Vals
41. Progressive Left Turn & Back Boleo / Enganche for Vals
42. Molinetes, Enganche, Rebote & Cross System Cadencias for Vals
Demonstration of Figures 40 - 42
43. Back Sacada & Molinete with Ronde / Sacada to Progressive Left Turn
44. Colgada & Barrida
45. Follower's Back Sacada, Gancho / Sacada & Molinete with Needle
Demonstration of Figures 43 - 45

Running time 1hr 50 min. NTSC Format, All Regions.

Argentine Tango DVIDA Gold syllabus - Price £29.95 Ref: DV-DATCC341 - SOLD OUT

Argentine Tango DVIDA Platinium syllabus

Introduction to Music
46. Revolving Forward Ochos to Sacada Exchange
47. Alteration & Forward to Reverse Volcada
48. Leader's Gancho & Revolving Back Ochos
49. Enrosque/Lapiz / Back Sacada & Cunita
Demonstration of Figures 46 - 49
50. Follower's Back Sacada to Molinete Right & Alteration
51. Media Vuelta, Molinete & Corrida Combination
Demonstration of Figures 50 - 51
52. Alterations with Overturned Forward Ochos with Sacadas
53. Gancho / Sacada, Sacada Exchange & Corridato Back Volcada
54. Molinete Left with Patada to Parada and Leader's Enganche
Demonstration of Figures 52-54
55. Volcada & Enganche Combination for Vals
56. Molinetes & Milonguero Dips Vals
Demonstration of Figures 55 - 56
57. Moliente Left with Triple Sacadas & Colgada
58. Short Trajectory Boleo, Colgadas & Barrida
59. Re-Volcada & Induced Barrida
60. Colgadas & Back Volcada
Demonstration of Figures 57 - 60

Running time 1hr 52 min. NTSC Format, All Regions.

Argentine Tango DVIDA Platinium syllabus - Price £29.95 Ref: DV-DATCC342 - SOLD OUT

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