Craig Smith & Natalie Woolf
Exhibition Showdance Fundamentals

World Champions Craig and Natalie have designed an easy way to add any lift-work to your Ballroom and Latin dances. With exercises to develop strength and balance as well as eight groups of selected lift combinations. Adding lift-work to any dance will be easy.

Advanced or Competitve Latin and Ballroom couples will benefit from the progressive group structure as well as essential techniques explained so that adding lift-work will be safe and easy.

You will also enjoy unique style of Craig and Natalie as they perform two full routine demonstrations.

The DVD contains four parts:
  • Adage (a full demonstraton routine with costume and light)
  • Essential techniques (another demonstration routine)
  • Groups (8 structured groups with progressive level of difficulty with explanations)
  • Exercise (4 exercises preparing you for adding lift work to your dancing)
Running time: 50 min approx.

Ref: DSI-78500 Price £32.95

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