IDTA Argentine Tango
A Guide to Basics and Beyond (Part 1)
with Stefanos and Valentina

Commissioned as a technique for IDTA's Argentine Tango Teaching Diploma and suitable syllabus figures for IDTA Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal Examinations.

This DVD contains:
  1. Basic Step
  2. Front Eights
  3. Back Eights
  4. Cross Basic
  5. Change of Direction
  6. Sandwich
  7. Rock Turn
  8. Cross Body Basic
  9. Displacement from Front Eights
  10. Cross Basic with Displacement
  11. Demonstration suggested Bronze Routine
  12. Cross-Basic with Displacement
  13. Half-Moon
  14. Sweep
  15. Displacement with Hook
  16. Displacement with Front Voleo
  17. Demonstration suggested Silver Routine
  18. Giro with Spiral
  19. Various Displacements
  20. Bicycle with Lady's Displacement
  21. Low Voleo - Adagio Poise and Hook
  22. Displacement with Centreipetal and Centrifugal forces
  23. Demonstration suggested Gold Routine
  24. Exercises
    Running time: 60 min. approx.

    Ref: DSI-78230 Price £49.95 excl.VAT

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