A Technique of Advanced Standard Ballroom Figures
presented by Geoffrey Hearn
danced by Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti

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The most significant DVD release of the last decade. A visual encyclopedia of advanced standard figures, priceless visual reference book you will use over and over again. For teachers and advanced competitors.

Demonstrated by Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti, World and British Open Professional Standard Ballroom Champions. Commentary by Geoffrey Hearn (in English)

This DVD is absolutely priceless visual encyclopedia of advanced standard figures and a visual reference book. One can easily predict that once such wonderful help is available to the broad dance populations the standard of dancing should very dramatically improve. The material covered includes:


Swing, Flight, Posture, Hold, Leading and Following, Side leading, CBMP, Forward and across in CBMP, Promenade position, Counter promenade position, Fallaway position, Counter fallaway position, Outside partner, Outside partner on left side, Same foot position, Knee flexion, Toe turned in, Pivot, Open toe pivot, Spin action, Swivel, Inverted swivel, Open heel pivot, Slip pivot, Heel turn, Heel pull, CBM, Sway, Linear sway, Body inclination, Metronomic action, Head weight

Strong movement and change of shape

Running spin turn, Running weave, Running feather, running feather from PP, Side cross, Side cross from PP, Syncopated side cross, Double side cross, Double side cross from PP, 1-3 Weave to CPP to fallaway, Fallaway whisk from PP, Quick open telemark from PP, Quick closed natural telemark from PP, Quick weave from PP, Curved three step, Curved three step from PP

Strong rotation including Pivot

Tumble turn, Overspin from double reverse spin, Overspin from double natural spin, Promenade pivot from overturned reverse swivel, Chasse roll to Left, Chasse roll to Right, Big top, Telespin, Telespin from PP, Teleswivel, Teleswivel from PP, Quick Open natural turn and outside spin, Turning lock to Right and pivot

Other turns and spins

Standing spin to to Left, Standing spin to Right, Reverse impetus, Reverse impetus to CPP

Checks and Hovers

Checked natural turn, Checked reverse turn, Checked weave to open toe pivot, Travelling contra-check to promenade position, Hover to promenade position from oversway shape, Hover cross to promenade position, Hover cross with weave ending, Hover cross continuing forward to natural weave, Hover cross continuing forward to same foot lunge

Swivels and Rondes

Left side forward swivel, Right side forward swivel, Inverted swivel to develope, Dropped ronde from a turning lock, Rudolf fallaway from a natural pivot, Ronde twist turn, Leg hook

Figures particular to Slow Foxtrot

Extended weave, Four feathers, Three fallways, Three fallways turning Left Right Left, Hover to PP from feather finish, Travelling Hover cross action to feather step, Hover cross action to Extended weave ending

Figures particular to Tango

Turning five step from same foot lunge, Double chase from PP, Quarter bits, Back checks from PP, Lock step in PP, Side cross from PP, Fan (in and out) from PP, Left side walks, Spanish drag, Stop lock to lock action and 4-6 of syncopated basic reverse turn

Figures particular to Quickstep

Pepperpot, Scatter (continuous) chasse to Right, Scatter (continuous) chasse to Left, Pendulum points, Woodpecker action, Stutter chasse to hover, Running fish tail from PP, Bounce locks, Rocket, Left side runs to PP from Open natural turn, Scissor kicks, Tipsy to side check, Back check and oversway

Line figures

Oversway, Oversway from PP, Throwaway oversway, Hinge, Tilt oversway, Inverted throwaway oversway, Right lunge, Same foot lunge, Right hinge, Opposition point to L from PP, Opposition point to R from PP, Eros line, Left lunge, Chair from PP, Whiplash from PP, Develope to leg hook from oversway shape, X line
  • In total 97 advanced figures are shown
  • Each figure danced to the music twice in two different directions
  • Mens steps dance solo to a rhythmic count
  • Close up on mens footwork danced to a rhythmic count
  • Ladies steps dance solo to a rhythmic count
  • Close up on ladies footwork danced to a rhythmic count
Double DVD. Running time approx 119 min.

Ref: DSI-7006 Price £99.95

Recommended: The Book to accompany this DVD:

Teachers/students notes for the material from the above DVD. Hard cover. 272 pages.

The most significant step forward in creating quality in high-level performance since the accepted base of techniques was formulated - John Knight - Past President, Fellow and Examiner IDTA.

Ref: DSI-9006 Price £39.95

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