World Ballroom Dancing Congress,
Blackpool May 2011


Official DVDs (4 DVDs) in PAL or NTSC system containing THE WORLD'S BEST LECTURES with the world's top dance coaches and performers. The DVDs a live recording of the event that took place in Winter Gardens, Blackpool, May 2011
  • Ashley Frohlick - Musicality, The Untouched Element
  • Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Daniute - Direction to Perfection
  • Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoryuchenko - Beyond Listening
  • Richard and Anne Gleave - Rhapsody for Two
  • Christopher Hawkins and Joanne Bolton - Melody in Motion
  • Barbara McColl - Making Music with your Partner
  • Bryan Watson and Carmen - Our Music
  • Caterina Arzenton - The Dance... Speaks
  • Donnie Burns MBE - Feeling - To Trust or Not to Trust
  • Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis - Our Contribution to the Music
  • John Wood - Dynamics of Timing
  • Andre Skufca and Melinda - Listen with your Eyes
  • Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva - Dance is the Poetic Expression of the Soul to Music
  • Massimo Giorgianni - Music on the Brain
  • Sirpa Suutari - Song Sings a Bird
  • Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova - Principles and Preferences
Total running time: 8.5 hrs (approx 30 min/lecture)

By popular demand, commencing from 2011 Blackpool Congress DVDs are made in WIDESCREEN format. Make sure your equipment is able to play it, all modern DVD players are, we can not comment on the computer hardware and software you may use. If in doubt consult your equipment technical manual.

Ref: DB-BDF11 Price £ 99.95

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