Goran and Nicola Nordin
Latin Variations for Classes

This video from Former British National & United Kingdom Closed Latin Professional Champions is an inspiration for teachers by providing an excellent material for classwork: from medallist to competitive work.

The video contains 20 easy going groups:
  • 5 groups in Rumba
  • 5 groups in Cha cha cha
  • 5 groups in Samba
  • 2 groups in Paso doble
  • 3 groups in Jive
Each groups is:
  • Explained with steps and figure names
  • Danced by Goran and Nicola to the count
  • Danced by Goran and Nicola to the music
Running time: 1hr 30 min (approx)

Ref: DB-102 Price £49.95

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