Stephen & Jennifer Hillier
The Details of Ballroom Technique for Advanced Teachers and Dancers

This video from Former Triple World Professional Ballroom Champion covers technique and figures in Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep.

Detailed explanations are given for both Man and Lady covering Leg action, Footwork, CBM, CBMP, Rotation, Turning, Swing, Ladies Leg Rise, Poise, Posture, The hold, Body position, Tango hold plus Technique.

Waltz: Usage of leg and feet through 4 joins; Natural turn analysis; CBM and CBMP and 8 different scenarios when we use them

Foxtrot: Rotation in the body vs.CBM and CBMP; Variation: Feather step, Quick open reverse, Teleswivel, Fwd run, Right lunge, Change of direction, Open natural turn, Outside spin, two spins, Oversway, Fallaway ronde, Weave; Basic foxtrot technique; Posture and poise, Taking the hold, Professional hand grip, Making the body connection: who's job is it?

Tango: Positioning your body in relation to the foot, Changes in hold from Swing dances to Tango, Basic Tango group, Producing the movement and rotation: pulling vs. pushing

Quickstep: Basic choreography, Developing feet strength, Floorcraft

Running time: 1hr 50 min.

Ref: DB-101 Price £ 49.95

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