IDTA The Technique of Latin Dancing by Walter Laird on DVD
Demonstrated by Neil Jones and Ekaterina Jones

This DVD may not have a very exciting cover, but never judge a book by its cover! The content is just the opposite!

Inside the DVD box you will find 5 discs containing THE OFFICIAL, COMPLETE IDTA TECHNIQUE OF LATIN DANCING based on the official Walter Laird Technique book.

This is basically a visual version of the ever famous Technique Book put to live by Neil Jones and Ekaterina Jones, Britain's top Professional Latin Couple nowadays.

In our opinion it is very well made. The dancers present exactly the technique the voice over talks about without unnecessary additional moves, which makes it clear, precise and to the point.

For over 50 years all teachers and aspiring teachers have been studying dancing from the book in the traditional form, where one really has to have a good imagination to visualise the figures from their descriptions. But not any more! What used to take hours then - is now achievable in a couple of minutes when you can SEE how each figure should be danced perfectly, technically speaking.

This DVD set is great for:
  • Medal students studying for Bronze, Silver and Gold medal
  • Teachers-to-be as a fundamental source of knowledge in preparation for their professional exams
  • Qualified teachers as a visual reference book
If you are a member of another dance organisation (there are 7 of them in UK and hundreds worldwide) which uses another Technique Book you can still learn from this DVD. The content of various other Latin Technique Books is 99% the same. The worst thing that may happen is that you may find a step in IDTA book which is not included in your organisation's book or you may find an odd step in another book which is not included in IDTA book (very unlikely). But the technique itself is never contradictory between the books.

IDTA-L1-5 IDTA The Technique of Latin Dancing by Walter Laird, Set of 5 DVDs - Price £49.95 excl.VAT

IDTA Technique of Latin Dancing cover
IDTA Technique of Latin Dancing screen shot
IDTA Technique of Latin Dancing screen shot

Walter Laird Technique Books to accompany the DVDs is also available from us in the Books - Technique section for £39.95 no VAT