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Sex Symbol Aerotan - Tanning make-up
Sex symbol is similar to the Tanning make-up, but it is in spray, so it is faster to apply and dries up quickier.

How to Use

Do not apply AeroTan when your skin is sweat or the body is hot, as the tan won't dry properly. The skin must be clean and dry before applying.

Spray it on your body from approx. 25-30cm distance. Rub quickly and widely to avoid smudge.

It takes 10-15 min to dry. After it is dry, you can wear the clothes and the tan will not stain them even if you sweat a lot!

Cleansing - Easy to Clean with Soap or Foaming Cleanser and water. Wipe out leftovers with Eye make-up remover.

Unfortunatelly it is not allowed to send aerozols by air mail, so we can only offer this product in UK. We also recommend a very similar product in cream Aery Jo Tanning make-up which can be send by air mail to anywhere.

AJ-002 - Sex Symbol AeroTan 200ml - Price £18.95 excl.VAT

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