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He had a more positive look about his shape and back line

The comment writen by Marcus Hilton (Dance News edition 2010) about Jonathan Wilkins, who recently converted to wearing Feather Touch Tail Suit
Feather Touch, New generation Stretch Tail Suit

Technological advances in creating more advanced fabrics and sportswear help sportsmen of all disciplines to get better results. Now also ballroom dancers can benefit from these advances.

The secret of this new generation tail suit is that it is made of stretchy fabric, which produces much nicer, cleaner top and shoulder line than a traditional tail suit. Additionally it is also lighter to wear and it does not crease! Once you make a transition to this new generation tail suit, you will never want to return to the traditional, non stretchy one.

Please measure yourself according to this measuring instructions and write them down in the special instructions section at the checkout stage.

An interim fitting (in Staffordshire area) is available for customer who would like to ensure absolutely best fit.

Approx delivery time: 4-6 weeks.

Ref: PC-FTTAILS Price £999.00

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