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How to measure yourself for a tail suit
How to measure yourself instructions
Make sure you are standing in an easy, natural stance. Do not tense or "brace up".
  1. Exact Height measurement: This measurement is from the top of your head to the floor, without shoes.
  2. All round chest measurement: Take the tape measure around the body and take the largest measurement in Zone 1 (as shown)
  3. Waist measurement, easy: Take the tape measure around the waist and record an easy measure in Zone 2 (as shown). Do NOT pull the tape tight.
  4. Seat measurement: Record the largest measurement in Zone 3 (as shown)
  5. Inside leg measurement: Part the legs and place the top of the tape as high into the crotch as possible and measure to the floor.
  6. You may add also the length of sleeve for better fit.
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