Tango Buenos Aires 7th Mundial De Baile
7th Argentine Tango World Championships

The magic and excitement of the World Championship of Argentine Tango come to your screen for yet another year through this DVD!

This year, the DVD is more exciting than ever. For the first time, it incorporates two camera views, so you can see all the dancing figures as they happen from the best view possible.

  • Disc 1: The finals night of the Tango Escenario 'Stage Tango' category, including the awards ceremony.
  • Disc 2: The finals night of the Tango Salon competition, including the presentation of the winners.
In the Tango Salon, keeping the close embrace is paramount; break the embrace, and you are losing points by the dozen. Small steps, keeping the line of dance and not obstructing the other dancers are the key points about this style of dancing.

In the Tango Escenario category, the rules are more relaxed, but the contestants have to keep to the following points, while creating their otherwise flamboyant choreographies:
  • The have to include in their choreography all the classic tango elements: walking, ochos, boleos, ganchos, and the "milonguero" hold.
  • They have to use as much of the dancefloor as possible during their dance.
  • They can use "acrobatics" and elements from other dance disciplines, but only where these make sense in the interpretation of the track they have chosen, and also where these elements do not exceed one third of the overall performance.
The DVD is region-free, and subtitled in English where necessary.

Ref: MN-DVD04 Price £29.95

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