Tango Buenos Aires 5th Mundial De Baile
5th Argentine Tango World Championships

Once a year, the best amateur dancers from around the world gather in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to demonstrate their skill and creativity in the World Championship for Tango Escenario.

This DVD contains a complete timeline of the Finals of this year's championship in the Tango Escenario (Stage Tango) competition, concluding with the Awards Ceremony where suspense is kept high until the winner is announced!

As extra features you'll also be able to see:
  • A specially edited version of the Champions' choreography, where you can see them dancing on two different days on the same screen - thus appreciating the accuracy of their performance!
  • A performance by last year's champions, Carlitos & Diana.
  • A performance by the tango company 'Corporación Tango'.
  • The 'Orquesta Tipica Ernesto Franco' performing live on stage.
  • 'Outtakes', with 2 clips showing some unexpected or out-of-place incidents that took place during the competition
Ref: MN-DVD02 Price £19.95

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