Marcus and Karen Hilton
Simply the Best part 2

See also: Simply the best part 1

If you have studied Simply the Best Part 1 and want to know more - here is the next set of DVD that will not leave you disappointed. You will not only see how others can do it beautifully, but you will also learn how YOU can make it the same.

Marcus and Karen Hilton really explain in detail how they do it. For every step they teach, they explain the feeling, the type of foot pressure, the leg line, the type of action, the body line, what to be aware of and how to avoid common pitfalls. Each action is shown together to the music, together to the slow count, and separately by man and the lady. This is the most detailed explanation we have seen on dance teaching video for a long time.

  • Natural spin turn
  • Overturned lock to PP
  • Running weave
  • Tumble turn
  • Hinge line
  • Natural pivot
  • Rudolph ronde
  • Reverse pivot
  • Open telemark
  • Side lock to the Left
  • Right lunge
  • Chasse to Right
  • Outside change
  • Back check
  • Natural pivot
  • Running chasse
  • Oversway
Running time 91 min.

Price £49.95 Ref: HW065 - SOLD OUT
  • 2 walks
  • Progressive link
  • Fallaway whisk & pivots
  • Double chase
  • Right lunge
  • Stop lock
  • Syncopated side cross
  • Fallaway reverse & slip pivot
  • Viennese cross & pivots
  • Syncopated chasse
  • Spanish drag
  • Ronde to PP
  • Whisk to PP
  • Quarter bits
Running time 81 min.

Price £49.95 Ref: HW066 - SOLD OUT
  • Feather step
  • Bounce fallaway
  • Tumble turn
  • Hell pull & three step
  • Continuous hover cross
  • Same foot lunge & reverse pivot
  • Chasse to Right
  • Weave ending
  • Quick three step & curved feather
  • Back feather
  • Overturned feather finish
  • Telespin
  • Telemark
  • Throwaway oversway to PP
Running time 109 min.

Price £49.95 Ref: HW067 - SOLD OUT
  • Natural pivot turn
  • Natural pivots
  • Heel pull & Rumba cross to PP
  • Step hop, Scatter chasse
  • Step hops
  • Pepper pot
  • Syncopated chasse
  • Back contra-check
  • Drop oversway
  • Pendulum points
  • Pepper pot from PP
  • Quick Open Reverse
  • Telemark & High Hover
  • Rolling natural spins
  • Curved feather & Hesitation
  • Stutter chasse
Running time 96 min.

Price £49.95 Ref: HW068 - SOLD OUT

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