Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow - Dips, Drops & Lifts for Salsa

Billy Fajardo, Katie Marlow, Henry Herrera, and Zumel Michel have put together a series of intricate and fun to learn moves that will take your dancing skills from Standard to Standout. These Dips, Drops, and Lifts are not leadable in a social dance situation. This tape is for professionals, amateurs, and anyone looking to add some WOW factor to their performance routines.
  1. Triple Turn Drop
  2. Drop Hinch Into Ankle Lift
  3. Assisted Back Flip
  4. Venecian Blinds
  5. Assisted Cork Screw Into A Drop
  6. Shoulder Flip
  7. Roll Drop
  8. Half Snake
  9. Forward Walk Over
  10. Flare
  11. Crunch
  12. Neck Roll Into Hip Lift
Not For Beginners! The exciting tricks taught in this video may be easily adapted to other types of Latin dancing as well.

Running time: 42 mins approx.

Ref: DV-BF05 Price £19.95

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