81st Blackpool Dance Festival 2006
Open Amateur (Ballroom and Latin)

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This video shows the semi-finals and the finals of the British Open Amateur Dance Championships, which took place in Blackpool, England in May/June 2006. Each video cassette contains the semi-final and final of the Ballroom (Standard) and Latin American competition. Additionally to showing the couples dancing at normal speed, each cassette shows also the same couples in slow motion so you can truly analyze their movements, lead and follow in detail. Plus spectacular outfits and truly breathtaking show! Running time: approx 90 min each.


  1. Peter Stokkebroe and Kristina Juel, Denmark
  2. Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova, USA
  3. Maurizio Vescovo & Melinda Törökgyörgy, Hungary
  4. Matej Krajcer & Iwona Golczak, Slovenia
  5. Stefano Di Filippo & Anna Melnikova, Italy
  6. Alexei Silde & Anna Firstova, Russia
  • Zoran Plohl & Tatsiana Lahvinovich, Slovenia
  • Jurij Batagelj & Jagoda Strukelj, Slovenia
  • Rachid Malki & Anna Suprun, Sweden
  • Andrius Kandelis & Egle Kandelis, Lithuania
  • Lu Ning & Wei Wei, China
  • Nino Langella & Nataliya Maidiuk, Italy

  1. Domenico Soale and Gioia Cerasoli, Italy
  2. Arunas Bizokas and Edita Daniute, Lithuania
  3. Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton, Italy
  4. Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Koehler, Germany
  5. Warren Boyce and Kristi Boyce, England
  6. Sascha Karabey and Natascha Karabey, Germany
  • Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio, Italy
  • Sergei Konovaltsev & Olga Konovaltseva, Russia
  • Marat Gimaev & Alina Basiouk, Russia
  • Valerio Colantoni & Sara Di Vaira, Italy
  • Stefano Soldati & Annalisa Longo, Italy
  • Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet, Denmark
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