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Very competitively priced brand
of dance shoes

Tango OK - These shoes are very low priced, yet professionally made. Recommended for beginners and occassionals dancers who do not want to invest in more expensive brands. Loads of styles, materials and heel heights available. Good value for money overall.

The global spread of the dance shoe industry results in increased competition coming from new players in this market pushing the prices down. We have recently been asked to test Tango OK brand, the most aggressively priced shoe brand today. We expected the low prices to result in equally low quality, but to our surprise Tango OK shoes turned out to be better made than expected.

We were quite pleased with the mens shoes, although the ladies shoes costing around 60% of the price of the market leading brands, offer no less than 80% of their quality, so it is a good value for money overall!

Tango OK models come in Regular, Wide and Narrow widths. All models come with suede soles, just like any other brands of dance shoes.

Attention to detail
not compromised

Ladies heel types:
1 - 3" fleur
2 - 2.5" or 3" slim
3 - 2.5" fleur
4 - 2" cuban
5 - 2" slim

Heel heights are measured at the back of the heel verticaly down excluding the heel tip.

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