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Shoes from Portugal make a debut in UK and earn a very good reputation around the world

When we were asked to try Rummos shoes, at first we were a little sceptical. Yet another brand? There so many designs on the market already! But we tried, and we were truly surprised with their high quality. No surprise. Portuguese shoemakers have always been famous for their skills.

Now with the expansion of Dancesport they have combined their unique shoe-making skills with the knowledge of the dancers needs and... voila! We have a new, very strong player in the dance shoe world.

Rummos shoes are really as soft as they claim, and there is a huge number of style/material/colour/heel combinations. Inside shoe is always 100% leather for better comfort.

Rummos shoes are manufactured in
  • Satin (Black, Flesh, Tan, Dark Tan)
  • Leather (Black, Tan, Gold and Silver)
  • Black patent
Women heels

Heel heights are measured at the front of the heel, which typically is approx 10mm shorter than the back. Being European, they are shown in mm, here is a simple conversion chart of Rummos heel heights stated in mm into inches at the back.
  • 50mm (2") at front = 2" at the back
  • 60mm (2.4") at front = 2.7" at the back
  • 70mm (2.75") at front = 3.1" at the back
  • 80mm (3.2") at front = 3.5" at the back
Any shoe can be supplied with any of the above heels (except 1 or 2 newer models where it clearly says "thin heels"). Obviously the lower the heel the thicker it seems. Various models are shown with various heel heights. I am sorry due to huge number of possible combinations we do not have pictures of all heel heights with all models and colour options, but if your heel height or colour is not shown with the your model - it will be surely shown with another model, so please browse through.

Ladies heels:
50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Men heels are
  • 25 mm (1") used in ballroom shoes
  • 45 mm (1.7") used in latin shoes
Women sizes: available are 34 - 42 (European) including half-sizes.

Men sizes: available are 38 - 46 (European) including half-sizes.

Width Regular width only.

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