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Terms of business

Photographers - read our terms of business
  1. You can only submit photos you took by yourself, except when you are acting as an agent for the photographer.
  2. If you are acting as an agent - a proof of your agreement with the photographer may be required.
  3. It is illegal to submit any pictures originating from other or unknown sources as your own work.
  4. You can only submit photos taken at the dance competitions where competitors pay entry fees to dance and therefore agree to be photographed. In such cases it is not necessary for you (the photographer) to obtain permission from the dancers to sell the photos you took.
  5. If you photograph the dancers in a studio, privately or beyond the competition floor you may have to obtain so called "model release" from them before submitting your pictures to the gallery.
  6. By submitting your photos you give us (ZEM Software Ltd.) permission to make copies of your picture files for the purpose of presenting them to the potential copyright buyers.
  7. We only require a version in .JPG format, (file size up to 200K)
  8. We display your photos free of charge, but we reserve the right to reject any pictures.
  9. Small files (up to 200K) can be send by email, but do not send any files before reading this page to the end and signing up first. The largest file size that can be submitted by email is 250K and you can send max 250K of attachments per email message.
  10. Any larger files, bulk amounts should be send on disk or CD-ROM by post to:
    ZEM Software Ltd. 11 Odeon Parade, 480 London Road, Isleworth, TW7 4RL, UK.
  11. If you do not have access to a scanner - send the pictures to us by post. We will scan them for you free of charge and, of course, return the originals.
  12. We only sell copyrights and files on magnetic media (computer discs) and developed picture prints. We do not sell the negatives. The negatives always belong to the photographer. By selling copyrights to any pictures, we do not take these rights away from you. The ultimate copyrights always belong to the photographer.
  13. All pictures on the display in our gallery are signed to make it difficult for anyone to download and use the photo without our knowledge, but with the way the internet technology stands at present we are unable to guarantee that the signed versions or thumbnails will not be downloaded.
  14. When a customer orders a print of your picture, you will be requested to send that print directly to the customer address.
  15. On successful sale a commission of 30% will be deducted from the proceedings and the remaining 70% will be paid to the photographer.
  16. Any other questions not mentioned above will be regulated by the law of the United Kingdom.
  17. Questions? Contact Eva Allen

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