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American style Ballroom comes to UK
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Ballroom not exciting enough

When talking to young people learning to dance we often hear they find Ballroom dancing a little boring due to the restrictions it comes with: the permanent body contact being the main one. For that reason they often prefer Latin dances or even go for disco or jazz instead.

There is however an easy way to make Ballroom more exciting for people of all ages - it is the way they dance it in America.

What is American Smooth

American Smooth can be best described as a form of ballroom dancing with an enhanced repertoire of easy to perform, yet exciting steps.

All basic principles and the technique of ballroom dancing still apply, however partners are not required to maintain a continuous body contact. Lifting the body contact restriction allows the dancers to perform steps such as: lady under arm turns, spins, side by side positions, parallel turns, dips, drops and other variations that would never be allowed in the traditional ballroom dancing. Anyone who has ever learned ballroom dancing will find American Smooth very easy to learn, yet refreshing due to its interesting, rich syllabus.

The music used for American Smooth, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot is basically the same as that used for Ballroom as we know it in Europe, with the exception of quickstep, which is not danced in the American Smooth style. In other words you can surprise your friends by dancing a totally new choreography to almost any ballroom dance music.

American Smooth comes to UK

Dancesport UK has invited Mr Anderson Moore, himself a former Fred Astaire Rising Star Champion see to come to London to train the first generation of American Smooth dance teachers. We may expect in the next few months schools around the country starting to offer classes in American style Ballroom too. Consequently the competitions will follow suit.

Teaching American Smooth in UK

The following is a Basic American Smooth training programme based on DIVIDA syllabus.

  1. Box with Underarm turn
  2. Balance steps fwd, back and side
  3. Simple twinkle
  4. Progressive
  5. Two way underarm turn
  6. Face to face back to back
  7. Progressive twinkles
  8. Turn combo with Underarm turn
  9. Turning twinkles
  10. Grapevine
  1. Basic
  2. Promenade
  3. Rock turns left and right
  4. Sway step
  5. Promenade Underarm turn
  6. Sway underarm turn
  7. Zig-zag
  8. Twinkle
  9. Turning twinkle
  10. Fallaway twinkle
  1. Basic straight
  2. Basic circular
  3. Promenade basic right and left
  4. Corte single
  5. Corte Double
  6. Open fan
  7. Open fan with underarm turn
  8. Check Promenade
  9. Right side fan
  10. Contra rocks
Viennese Waltz
  1. Balance steps fwd,back and side
  2. 5th Position breaks
  3. 5th Position breaks with underarm turn.
  4. Left turn
  5. Cross body lead with Underarm turn
  6. Hand to hand
  7. Progrresive change fwd
  8. Progressive change backward
  9. Change of place
  10. Curtsey and bow
Classes are held at Wessex House, 1a St John's Hill, Clapham Junction, London, SW11

For more info visit DancePoint school of dance

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